Frequently Asked Questions
The community center has a full-time wellness coordinator and also nightly staff that can walk you through proper use of the equipment. Members may also call and set up an appointment for a free weight room orientation that will include demonstrations of proper use of the equipment.
To be able to listen to the televisions while you work out you need to bring a digital headset and tune your dial to the station number indicated under the television you wish to watch. Your digital radio will pick up the frequency and you will be able to hear the program.
17 laps around the inside lane, 16 laps in the middle lane, and 15 laps around the outside lane make 1 mile.
Members age 14 and over may use the fitness equipment. Members age 10 and over may use the walking track; however with parental supervision younger members may use the walking track.
Yes, classes can either be purchased by the session or by punch pass. A session fee covers one class for a 6-8 week session. The punch pass can be purchased with 10 or 20 punches and is good for any of the classes offered at the Community Center. Each class attended equals one punch. Members get a reduced rate on session fees and punch passes.

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