Frequently Asked Questions
Once an animal has been entered into the holding facility. The owner has a period of (3) days to reclaim their pet before their rights to ownership cease. After the (3) day period the animal may be adopted to another party by the local PAWS organization or it may be destroyed by euthanasia.
The first step is to call the Police Department to see if they have picked up the animal. If not, advise the dispatcher that the animal is running loose and who can be contacted if it is found. If an officer sees this occurring, or if a complaint is called in, the animal will be picked up and taken to the city animal holding facility. If the owner wishes to reclaim the pet they will have to show proof of current vaccinations and purchase a current city pet license. There will be a minimum $25 holding fee plus any criminal charges that may be filed by the officer for city ordinance violations. Or, the animal can be left at the facility and the local People for Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) organization will attempt to adopt it out.
You will need to provide proof of current vaccinations, proof of your pet being spayed or neutered, and a completed animal license form. The forms may be found at City Hall, Jefferson Public Library, the Greene County Community Center, Jefferson Veterinary Clinic, Animal Holding Facility at the Jefferson Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the Law Enforcement Center.

The fee schedule is:
One to four pets:
$5.00 per year for spayed / neutered pets
$10.00 per year for non-spayed / non-neutered pets

More than four pets:
$20.00 per year for each additional pet over (4) total, spayed / neutered.
$40.00 per year for each additional pet over (4) total, non-spayed / non-neutered.

It is also a violation of city code for your pet to be without a current license. A pet without a current license will result in the owner being charged with a simple misdemeanor.
The City does not adopt animals out. Any adoption of animals is conducted through the local PAWS organization. 515-386-9814.
From Highway 4 (Elm Street), take Russell Street west past Chautauqua Park to 605 W. Russell. The animal holding facility is southeast (on the same property as the Wastewater Treatment Plant).
If you have an animal complaint, call the Police Department at 515-386-2136. The officer will need to speak with you so he can collect pertinent information needed to remedy the issue.

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